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Pace Memorandum July 19, 1990 Bishop Glenn L. Pace

I grew up in the Mormon church, and was physically and sexually abused by members at the church. This led to a lifetime of depression and hopelessness as I turned first to drugs, then to witchcraft. I have finally found freedom and redemption in Jesus Christ.

My Testimony Of Abuse In The Mormon Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and The Boy Scouts of America are facing a lawsuit from a former Boy Scout who over alleged sexual abuse at a church-sponsored Scouting trip. CNN's Kyra Phillips reports.

Former Boy Scout sues Mormon church for sexual abuse

Wednesday, the humanitarian and former LDS bishop was sentenced to three terms of five years to life in prison to be served consecutively. He had earlier pleaded guilty to three first-degree felony counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child.

Children's charity co-founder sentenced in sex abuse case SLTrib

He was the son of a church high priest in the church’s Hedgesville Ward and his mother previously served as a local Relief Society president with the church. The suit accuses church leaders of holding out Jensen as a church member who could provide leadership and counsel to young church members, even though the church was allegedly repeatedly put on notice or had knowledge about allegations that Jensen had sexually abused children of church families. The suit also accuses church officials of recommending Jensen as a babysitter for church families, despite allegedly being made aware of sexual abuse allegations as early as 2007.

Lawsuit filed against church for coverup of sex abuse

The lawsuit, which was filed in Riverside County Superior Court in Palm Springs, contends that from July to November 1985, Jacqueline Tyler, then 13, was repeatedly abused by a missionary and that after a church bishop learned of the alleged abuse, her family was told to stay quiet and the bishop "made advance payment or partial payment of damages as an accommodation to plaintiff."

Sex abuse lawsuit filed against Mormon church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, can scarcely afford to be involved in another legal case involving Child Sexual Abuse. In recent years, the church has faced several high profile child sexual abuse scandals that saw innocent victims abused for years while their abusers were protected by high-ranking church leaders. Dozens of victims have come forward in recent years to file lawsuits against the Church seeking millions of dollars in damages.

Utah Man Faces 85 Counts of Child Sexual Abuse After Being Confronted by LDS Church Leaders

"Despite having knowledge of the pedophilic sexual violence perpetrated by the defendant, Pickett, these other defendants did not report him to the authorities or take any action to protect plaintiffs from further molestation, which did occur," the lawsuit states.

Two Men File Lawsuit Against Mormon Church Alleging Sexual Abuse as Teens by Church Leader on Pineapple Farm in Hawaii

In their suit, the plaintiffs argue that scout and church officials knew scout volunteers were dangerous, but chose not to disclose that information. Instead, each scout leader was described as a "great guy" and a "friend to whom you can always turn for advice," according to court documents.

Court allows lawsuit against Boy Scouts to move ahead

The church claimed throughout the litigation that it had a constitutional right to "wipe the slate clean" of any member who had "repented" for his abuse of children and had been forgiven by the church. "It is a policy that puts out the welcome mat for pedophiles like Franklin Curtis," Mrs. Scott commented.

Child Abuse Cover-Up Costs Mormon Church $3 Million

The Mormon Church has told the UT State Supreme Court that It Does NOT have to report on Sex Abuse suffered by its Child Members, regardless of Utah State Law making it Mandatory.

Mormon Church in UT State Supreme Court CHALLENGING Reporting about Sex Abuse Victims

A Menifee Mormon bishop was sentenced Wednesday, Dec. 11, to three years in prison for molesting two teenage girls who attended his church.

MENIFEE: Mormon bishop sentenced to three years for sex abuse

A former LDS Bishop in Harrisville has pleaded guilty to molesting children from his church ward. Originally Timothy McCleve pleaded not guilty to several sex abuse charges, but later he struck a deal with prosecutors.

Former LDS bishop pleads guilty to sex abuse

The hotspot seems to be Washington State, where a Mormon scoutmaster named Jack LaHolt allegedly abused children in the 1970s. His activity alone generated a third of the written opinions in Mormon civil cases five opinions [2]. The LDS Church heavily litigating these cases on evidentiary grounds. Also in Washington was a case by the wife of a sex abuser who sued her bishop for granting her a Temple Recommend in order to get married, despite indications that her husband had such proclivities [3], and another case against the Church filed by one of the child victims, where the Church litigated whether it had to turn over its internal report [4]. The other cases are in South Dakota [5], Kentucky [6], California [7], and two in Oregon [8]. Utah had only one civil case involving Mormon sex abuse, and it was quickly dismissed, based on the notion that the Church had no duty to warn [9]. As will become clear, the Church obviously is not having as easy of a time in the cases outside of Utah.

The Growing Mormon Sex Abuse Scandal

"Religious organizations and programs should be places where children are safe from harm, not places that protect sexual predators," said Patrick Noaker, attorney for one of the victims, according to AP.

Mormon Church rocked by latest Navajo Indian sex abuse claim

"Lawsuit claims teen girl was repeatedly abused by Mormon missionary in 1985 in Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert

Sex abuse lawsuit filed against the LDS Church

"Mormon abuse cases are cases of alleged abuse by churches in the Latter Day Saint movement and its agents, including child sexual abuse.

Mormon abuse cases

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has become a "safe harbor" for pedophiles and a "very dangerous place" for children, according to an attorney who just won a $3 million settlement from the church for what he says is a "cover-up" of child sexual abuse.

Lawyer Blasts LDS Church

"MESA, Ariz. Technology made it possible for a man to abuse teenage victims thousands of miles away, but it also left a digital trail that eventually resulted in his arrest, police said.

Former Mormon bishop accused of trying to lure teens

This is a child abuse case where the LDS General Authority grandfather accused two six-year old girls of being promiscuous with him from age 3 to age 6.

LDS Utah Child Molestation Cover-Up

The Mormon Church has told the UT State Supreme Court that It Does NOT have to report on Sex Abuse suffered by its Child Members, regardless of Utah State Law making it Mandatory.

Mormon Church in UT State Supreme Court

MARTINSBURG - A lawsuit filed in Berkeley County against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, and local church officials accuses church leaders of covering up allegations that the son of local church officials sexually abused 12 children over the course of more than five years.

Lawsuit filed against church for coverup of sex abuse [Lds church accused of cover-up]

Two Utah men are suing the Mormon church claiming that decades ago they were sexually molested as boys after the church recruited them to pick pineapples in Hawaii.

Lawsuit: Mormon church covered up sexual abuse at Hawaii camps

"This is a story about the incidents/events that have shaped my life throughout the years. Some may question why I am coming forward so late in my life with this exposure. Those who know anything about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Mind Control know that these memories are programmed to stay hidden, locked away in the altered personalities the programmers create within your mind. However, many victims do not start to recall past events until they are in their 30's or 40's, if at all. I am in my mid 50's and seriously did not know that the reason why my life had been so messed up was not all my fault. I write my story so that others may be exposed to the dark side of the Mormon Church and SRA...

Exclusive! Mormon Sex Slave Tells of Horrific Abuse by Church Leaders..!

WE CANNOT CHANGE WHAT WE FAIL TO CONFRONT Child abuse dramatically increases the risk of 7 out of 10 of the leading causes of death; decreases life expectancy by 20 years; and this damage is passed genetically generation after generation. The lifelong health effects of child OFsexual abuse include:


Flagstaff, Ariz. The number of lawsuits alleging Mormon church leaders failed to protect children from sexual abuse has grown to include two more Navajos and a member of the Crow Tribe.

New lawsuits say Mormon church failed to protect American Indian children

WV Supreme Court says Mormon multi-state sex abuse lawsuit can move forward. Lawsuit alleges bishops covered up teen's 2005 Utah conviction for sex offenses and recommended teen as babysitter for young families.Sexually violent offender, Michael Jensen, is serving 35 to 75-year sentence for child sexual abuse. Evidence points to widespread cover-up In a stunning victory for nine victims of child sexual abuse in the Mormon Church, the West Virginia Supreme Court on Friday formally overturned a lower court, ruling there was evidence that high-ranking Mormon officials covered up for a sexually violent predator for years, allowing him to molest children in Utah and West Virginia.

WV--WV Supreme Court says Mormon multi-state sex abuse lawsuit can move forward

A former LDS bishop charged with sexually abusing two underage males in his ward pleaded guilty to his crimes Wednesday in Fourth District Court. The defendant, Erik Hughes of Mapleton, entered guilty pleas to two second-degree felonies of forcible sexual abuse and one third-degree felony of tampering with a witness. Hughes, 51, pleaded to what he was originally charged with. No charges were reduced as a part of his plea arrangement.

Ex-LDS bishop pleads guilty to sexually abusing two underage males

When Ginger Utley was 22, she wasn't ready to sue the man who had sexually abused her for years when she was a teenager. So she missed the deadline set by Utah law, which had required her to file her claims within four years after her 18th birthday.

How one woman sued her childhood sexual abuser years later and won thanks to a change in Utah law

If 2018 has taught Utah County anything so far this year, it’s that we’ve had an eye turned for decades too long (though any amount is too long) to our family members, friends and neighbors who’ve been sexually assaulted or harassed.

Herald editorial: Utah County can start by believing

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could face more lawsuits alleging sexual abuse at the hands of ecclesiastical officials and inaction by authorities within the faith.

LDS Church could face more lawsuits over abuse and inaction

Issues of sexual abuse have been bubbling up for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over the last few months. And while a Mormon #MeToo movement seems to be growing, there are a few things holding it back.

The Barriers To A Mormon #MeToo Movement

Kristy Johnson remembers the routine. Growing up, her father would take her to a basketball game at Brigham Young University, where he worked, and each time, after the final buzzer, they would walk over to his office. There, she says, he would close the door, lock it and molest her for a few minutes.

Father molested his children for years and Mormon bishops did not report it to police, lawsuit and documentary claim

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