About our survivors initiative

Restore Our Humanity assists survivors of sexual assault by protecting their human and civil rights, holding perpetrators accountable and assisting organizations to do the same.

Restore Our Humanity’s primary focus on this initiative is to provide a safe place for all survivors to join, to talk, to be heard, and to be believed.

We are assembling volunteers and people in the healing arts to help with counseling, if needed, and to provide general support and a foundation to help survivors heal.

We have found many survivors become isolated and are abandoned when they emerge as victims of sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups of their abuse, which from our findings, seem to be very prevalent in the rape crisis environment.

We strive to provide the survivors with a voice to be heard, and if they desire, media and resources to have their stories told.

Sexual abuse cases are usually settled quietly and secured with harsh non-disclosure agreements. This may bring justice to some, but the non-disclosures results in silence with the world never knowing what truly happened.

Restore Our Humanity will not participate directly in any lawsuits. We will also not sign or participate in any non-disclosure agreements. This is to maintain open communications regarding the general information and statistics we have gathered as an organization, this would not include any personal information as your privacy is our primary concern. We are committed to those who have had the courage and the fortitude to come forward. Survivors must be heard and the truth must be told.

Our ultimate goal is to get the facts out to the public and be an organization that reaches out to and helps victims of rape culture that is prevelant in many organizations. As we have recently seen within the BYU community and within the LDS Church community, many rape victims are suppressed and even victimized for coming forward. It is far past time for these organizations to impliment policies and processes to stop these heinous and inhumane intrusions on human beings.

Restore Our Humanity is a 501 (c) 4 Donations are not deductible for Federal Income Tax Purposes.
Restore Our Humanity works to further human rights in Utah through community education and partnerships and community outreach.