Some History of Restore Our Humanity

Kitchen v Herbert

Restore Our Humanity began as discussion group on Facebook in the summer of 2012. By July we began meeting in a coffee shop in Salt Lake City. The discussions and subjects consisted of overturning Utah’s amendment 3 which banned same sex marriage in Utah. We had closely followed California’s proposition 8 trials, and we concluded that with the right legal team, we could successfully bring marriage equality to Utah. In December 2012, we retained the services of the Salt Lake City law firm Magelby and Greenwood with Peggy Tomsic as the lead attorney. We recruited 4 of the 6 plaintiffs and on March 25, 2013 on behalf of the 6 plaintiffs, the legal team filed a lawsuit in the United States 10th Circuit Court which became known as Kitchen v Herbert.

Although we anticipated a lengthy battle to take several years, Kitchen v Herbert was won and in only 19 months from the date it was filed. Marriage equality became the law of the land in not only Utah, but the entire 10th Circuit which consists of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas. New Mexico is in the 10th Circuit as well, but New Mexico had won the battle for marriage equality in the States Supreme Court on December 19, 2013. Griego v Oliver. Ultimately, Kitchen v Herbert was won when the State of Utah was denied without comment the petitions for certiorari by the United States Supreme Court on October 6, 2014.

The World Congress of Families

In early 2014, we became aware that the World Congress of Families was to hold a conference in Salt Lake City in October of 2015. We began to research and investigate the organization which at the time, we only knew as an anti-LGBT, and anti-Womens Rights hate group. A year's long of research and investigation led us to conclude that the WCF is one of the most dangerous and influential anti-LGBT hate groups in the world. They act as an umbrella organization for the most destructive and prominent global anti-LGBT hate groups. So we began a public information campaign. This included meetings with the organizers and sponsors of the event as well as a large campaign to bring public awareness to our comunities.

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All Families Coalition

As a response to the World Congress of Families conference, Restore Our Humanity formed and promoted the All Families Coalition to give a voice and recognition to 'non-natural' or un-traditional families. To the many families who are disparaged and marginalized by the toxic and harmful messages being forwarded by the World Congress of Families and their partner organizations.

Our Electronic Billboard Campaign was displayed along the I 15 corridor

Working with Facebook God, we displayed these electronic billboards in Utah County and Salt Lake County prior to the W.C.F. Conference

Judge Thomas Low

As a result of an unacceptable and unprecedented comment made in a court hearing made by a District Judge, Restore Our Humanity filed a complaint with the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission in April 2017.

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Restore Our Humanity works to further human rights in Utah through community education and partnerships and community outreach.

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