The executive board of Restore Our Humanity

Mark Lawrence Co-Director is the founder and first director of Restore Our Humanity. He helped bring Restore into existence from a small discussion group that began in a coffee shop in July 2012. In that time, he has helped build and develop Restore Our Humanity into a recognized non-profit organization that is focused on Human Rights in Utah. As a proponent of the Humanist philosophy, he has come to recognize that a society that permits marginalization of any members of our communities; is destined for failure, most of all of those who are demeaned, abused and injured under the guise of religion. "Religious discrimination is the worst of all social exclusions and causes more harm because it is accepted by society, and therefore, becomes the most destructive and brutal of all". As an advocate for those who are empowered and wish to stand up to societal abuse and discrimination, Mark hopes to lead Restore Our Humanity onto being a catalyst for change and fairness for all citizens in Utah.
Karen Crist Co-Director is an original member of the executive board. She founded the Mormon Women's Forum, then created All Women's Eve, a women's music and arts festival in SLC. She is the mother of five grown children and the grandmother of the cutest little girls on the planet. She has a passion for justice, equality and advocacy. She is thrilled with the advancement of human rights in Utah and knows that there is much more work to do. Karen serves as our lead Survivors support director and brings her years of experience as an LCSW into her role.
Clyde Peck Trujillo executive board member and treasurer and one of the original founding board members. Clyde has a long record of service to the community; he served on the board of the Stonewall Democrats in Utah and has always contributed his time and his efforts to making our community a better place to live. He lives in Salt Lake City with his husband with whom he is nearing his 20th anniversary with. Clyde is a dedicated and fierce advocate for human rights and civil rights in Utah. He serves as the treasurer and bookkeeper for Restore Our Humanity. Clyde also heads our survivors support groups and is valuable member of the team, as he can talk Mark down of the ledge when necessary.
Julie Anne Colibri, MSW Julie graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Psychology and later a BS in Mass Communication, Cum Laude, University of Utah. In 2015, she graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Master's in Social Work, Summa Cum Laude. She is passionate about education and advocacy regarding destructive mind control, high-demand groups, human rights abuses and trauma recovery.
Carolyn Ferro is an executive board member and the Community Outreach Coordinator for Restore Our Humanity. Carolyn moved from a tiny, rural town north of San Francisco to the Salt Lake Valley in 2010. She, along with her two teenage children, settled into suburbia.However, after experiencing California’s fight for human rights and marriage equality during Prop 8, and enjoying the advantage of raising her children in a culturally diverse environment, living in an area where her family felt the exclusion of being different from the majority was often hurtful. After attending a fundraiser for Restore Our Humanity and meeting the Board of Directors, Carolyn knew she had found not only the family and community she was seeking, but a way to work with others dedicated to bringing positive changes for the betterment of all Utahns.Carolyn also enjoys sharing her love of textile art with others and is an advocate for the blind and visually impaired.

Members of our Advisory Board

Colleen and Jolene Mewing Original members of Marriage Equality USA, have a long and distinguished record of community activism and involvement. Colleen was at the lead of bringing to us, the very first LGBT Pride celebration at a United States Military base at Hill Air Force Base in 2014. They are leads in our volunteers initiative and they have been valued friends and supporters in all of our efforts.