Some of the issues that we have worked on.


Restore Our Humanity: Sexual Abuse Initiative

Restore Our Humanity will be working on an ongoing project to address, expose and stop once and for all the rampant child abuse, abuse enablement and abuse cover up that has been taking place within the LDS Church.
This project will consist of 3 parts:

  1. Increase public awareness of the vary harmful and devistating effects of this long standing issue that has exisited in our communities for several decades.

  2. Media and documentary projects to allow Survivors to tell their stories and let the truth be heard.

  3. A resource pool of healing professionals to be made available to all survivors and family who come forward in order to put them in touch with the best care, treatment and support for the duration of the project and beyond. Sexual Abuse Inititative

LDS Church statement on Responsibility for Abuse

The victim must do all in his or her power to stop the abuse. Most often, the victim is innocent because of being disabled by fear or the power of authority of the offender. At some point in time, however, the Lord may prompt a victim to recognize a degree of responsibility for abuse. Your priesthood leader will help assess your responsibility so that, if needed, it can be addressed. Otherwise the seeds of guilt will remain and sprout into bitter fruit. Yet no matter what degree of responsibility, from absolutely none to increasing consent, the healing power of the atonement of Jesus Christ can provide a complete cure.

Apostle Richard G. Scott "Healing the Tragic Scars of Abuse," General Conference, Ensign, May 1992

All Families Coalition

As a response to the World Congress of Families visit in Salt Lake City this coming October, Restore Our Humanity has chosen to give a voice to the families in Utah that may feel disenfranchised or marginalized by those who promote a message of exclusion and disapproval. 20% of the children living in Utah live in single parent families and there are many families who live and prosper outside of non-traditional families. We have chosen to stand for these families and to give them a voice. We have established the All Families Coalition to speak for and on behalf of those who feel disparaged by those who call themselves 'pro-family' groups. All Families

World Congress of Families

The World Congress of Families is a United States coalition that promotes Christian right values internationally. It opposes same–sex marriage, pornography, and abortion, while supporting a society built on "the voluntary union of a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant of marriage".WCF comprises organizations in several countries, and most of its member partners are strongly active campaigners for pro–life positions and specific Christian views on marriage that oppose same–sex marriage. WCF was formed in 1997 and is active worldwide, regularly organizing "large international ‘pro-family’ conventions". Its opposition to gay marriage and abortion has attracted criticism. It was added to the list of organizations designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as anti–LGBT hate groups in February 2014 for its involvement with the 2013 Russian LGBT propaganda law and opposing LGBT rights internationally. See more at

CR Tracker

The next issue that we will most likely be looking at in Utah will be legislation which may potentially change our public accommodations laws. [Within U.S. law, public accommodations are generally defined as entities, both public and private, that are used by the public. Examples include retail stores, rental establishments and service establishments, as well as educational institutions, recreational facilities and service centers. Private clubs and religious institutions were exempt. However, in 1984, the United States Supreme Court declared the previously all-male Junior Chamber International, a chamber of Commerce organization for persons between the ages of eighteen and thirty-six, to be a public accommodation, which compelled the admission of women into the ranks.] Restore Our Humanity has developed the CR Tracker so that all Utah citizens have a tool to use to report and record possible infractions of person and civil rights in the realm of public accommodation. The results of this program will be compiled and made available when debates on this subject being with the legislature.

BSA (Boy Scouts of America)

For a healthy society to prosper and move forward, communities and the organizations attached to them must abandon exclusion and prejudices. The Boy Scouts of America has moved our society just a little closer to that end. Estimates say over 95% of the Boy Scout troops in Utah are sponsored by the LDS Church. We applaud the effort and the support the LDS Church has provided to this fundamental program. But these numbers show that there is a significant population of young people that are left behind and neglected. These are young people who could grow and benefit tremendously with participation in an organization that has become such an integral part of our communities and our good and healthy society. These young people deserve to be included in membership in the BSA. Restore Our Humanity has elected to take the first step to sponsor a new scouting troop and provide the backing to begin a new chapter in the Boy Scouts of Utah and bring this integral institution to the underserved but well deserving population. Our scout troop will be built upon a progressive, non-denominational open, affirming and fully inclusive policy.We are in early stages of preparing our application and look forward to completing the process and beginning this new and exciting opportunity for our organization and our community.

Inclusive Families Conference

Restore Our Humanity will promote and support the Second Annual Inclusive Families Conference October 23 & 24, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Inclusive Families Conference aims to highlight and celebrate the rich diversity of families, especially those families who love and accept each other despite divergent beliefs and attitudes, "non-traditional families" and those families which may be marginalized or excluded by others. These families include same sex couples, those with members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, identify as transgender (LGBT), or have exceptional gender identity/expression, families with mixed ethnic, racial and religious identities, street families (homeless youth families), families led by elders, adoptive, differently-abled, matriarchal, multi-generational families, and others. Inclusive Families