Mission statement:

Strengthening Utah communities, defending human rights.


It's about human rights...

When Restore Our Humanity was established back 2012, our main focus was to bring Marriage Equality to Utah. As the struggle for equal marriage status has taken shape here in Utah and across the country, now in a majority of the states, we are preparing to turn our focus to another cause but will continue to support those states still fighting the fight. Equal marriage seems inevitable at this point.

As some may have noticed, our name does not include a reference to marriage within it, but a reference to our humanity in this world and restoring it to the rightful place as full citizens, not second class. The purpose in that is because we always had the full intention of continuing as a humanitarian organization, specifically, but not limited to, the LGBT community.

As marriage equality continues it's forward pace we must also realize the fact that there are organizations that are so hell-bent on destroying what we have gained they will stop at nothing. In fact, these organizations are ramping up their efforts to push their hate filled agenda as far as they can.

In recent weeks we have seen an increase in activity in Utah from supporters of these groups. We are referring to these individuals and groups as “Social Terrorists”. Their tactics are fear, intimidation and lies. However, this is not just a Utah problem, this is a national problem facing the LGBT community as we make forward progress in equality. Equality is something that these people are vehemently against. They can not and will not conceive us as being equal to them.

There are six key groups that are active here in the U.S. and abroad as well. They are; Alliance Defending Freedom, American Center for Law and Justice, Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, Family Watch International, United Families International, and World Congress of Families.

Our first concern is that the World Congress of Families is holding it's first international conference in the United States in October 2015. It just so happens that that conference will be held here in Salt Lake City, Utah. WCF has held international conferences over the past several years across the globe. It appears the WCF has specifically avoided conferences here in the U.S. for whatever reason, but now feel the need to do so. We at Restore Our Humanity are preparing to let these people know that they are not welcome here in Utah or the U.S.

This again, is of national importance to the LGBT community. We can not do this on our own. We need the support of each of you. We will be featuring comprehensive backgrounds on each of these organizations over the coming weeks. Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the workings of these groups. Knowledge is power.

Thank you for your continuing support of Restore Our Humanity.


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